It's been sixteen years since I have been directly working for my clients. I have developed amazing relationships, worked hard, started two consulting companies in the process and have been very happy. None of that had changed. My last consulting engagement has been one of the most fulfilling ones of my career. They have appreciated what I have brought and are such great people personally.

I read a while back that "luck is when opportunity meets preparation." I guess I was lucky. In February 2020, I contacted a friend of mine, Mario Cantin, who heads a startup in the Data & Analytics Governance space. To add to this blog, I offered to interview him. The article is here. The rest is now recent history. This article generated a chain reaction of conversations and events which lead to my accepting to join their executive team. 

Prodago got its first round of financing last year. 2020 was going to be an important year in terms of marketing and communications. They were looking for someone not just with marketing experience but also in-depth Data and Analytics expertise, and hopefully, startup and SMB experience. When I ran my businesses, I had to develop the expertise in managing communications, marketing, messaging, positioning and sales. What made me good at this was my ability to simplify messages and always make it about helping my customer. This combination of knowledge and translating it into reaching more customers we could help and growing a business was attractive to Prodago's leadership team. My role at Prodago will be Vice-president of Sales and Marketing, starting tomorrow.

The last time I worked for a company that I did not start was 2003: Oracle Corporation. But this is exciting. I believe in Prodago's value proposition, and I know I can make a significant contribution. And the people are crazy smart.

So please visit and let me know what you think. Contact me there: marc-eric.larocque, followed by at and the domain name.

In the meantime, this site will become dormant as of today. I will be sending an email to all my members to see if they would like to subscribe to Prodago's blog (no assumptions). We are a team of experts over there, and we will start writing around the fall, once our content marketing plan is ready. Maybe a little before :)

Thank you for reading, and your support and a very special thank you to those who have registered because they felt there was value in what I wrote.




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