Since the new year began, I have made a lot of changes to the site. You may not have had time to peruse. So I wanted to let you know what we have as of now, other than the blog posts that is.


I track all the Data & Analytics conferences. If you know of one I did not mention, please let me know. I have not put many that are technology-specific (I did for Snowflake's conference), but feel free to suggest any you think should be up there.

The Resources

That menu item has four items.

Good Reads Articles I have read that I would like to share because they challenge our thinking. Think of this as my curated list, similar to the blog but not by me.

Videos I have created three channels: GeneralWhat is this?, and Chief Data Officers (interviews). Sometimes, it's better to sit back and have someone explain it like late at night.

News Any announcement or news about our market.

Downloads For members, files to use and various resources.

My objective is to share information, so I write when I get inspired. Because I read a lot, the Good Reads page gets updated quite a bit.

Thanks and be well!


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