I apologize for not writing lately. I am listening to what has become one of humanity's unprecedented challenge going on all over the news, and I don't feel it is relevant at this time. And I will not give you links to visualizations using COVID-19 data; you can Google that yourself.

Millions of Canadians and Americans are now jobless, with no revenue to feed themselves. Some of us are doing ok, but many of us are not. Yes, I have to work with the kids in the background and the dogs continually barking at suspicious trees outside, but at least I have work. But make no mistake, this is a human disaster, and we are now in an economic coma.

So here is what I remember and I implore you to do:

  1. Stay home. Seriously. Most important advice.

  2. Wash your hands every time you come back inside the house, from a walk or a run.

  3. Stay 6 feet away from people.

  4. When you go on a "supply run" (a Walking Dead reference, yes), use surgical gloves. Throw them out before coming into the house.

  5. Use your own reusable bags when buying supplies. 

  6. Use your judgement - perhaps someone touched some of the packages you just bought. Not saying to disinfect everything, but be mindful. Your gloves may have been infected from another surface (door handle), and perhaps you touched the packages.

This is not over yet. You might not know this, but staying inside your home, staring at the same four walls for extended periods leads to depression. That is why they tell you to keep a routine (morning, stop for lunch, go for walks).

We are fortunate that the mortality rate of COVID-19 is between 3 and 4%. We watched the movie CONTAGION yesterday, and that virus was killing people at 25-30%. Be smart, don't transmit. I see reporting of people downplaying this, going to beaches and not respecting the 6-feet rule. Come on, people.

Our job is to stay home, not just to protect ourselves but remove us from circulation and not be the ones that picked it up and gave it to an older person. It is also to stay healthy long enough so that the health system, already overwhelmed, does not have to take care of us too. Here is a video to drive the point home. Thanks, SAP.

Good luck and be safe.


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