I was recently reading through a data strategy created by a government body, and I liked one of the slides in the executive summary. It was at a very high level, but I appreciated how much it conveyed. What do you think of it?

Sometimes, something like this can be beneficial in your communication strategy. Executing the Data Strategy will be tough, and there may come moments when you might need reminders of why you are doing something or why you can't simply cut it out.

Of course, you will not be able to fit a lot of details here, but that is not your aim. At the very least, you want to tell people that you have covered everything. The enterprise's critical strategic initiatives can replace the use cases. Everyone should know the big picture.

What I like a lot here are the following: - The Data Strategy is rooted in the business objectives and what the organization is trying to accomplish - They interpret the needs of the business into guiding principles and desired outcomes (I would have added "capabilities", too) - They have the right pillars and foundations; those five elements support anything you will do to create value from data

The only thing I would have liked to see, and there may be a reason why it isn't there, is their process of "delivering value." Delivery ranges from the delivery methodology, demand management, portfolio management & prioritization, analytics program management, and governance, etc. Somehow, I feel that this would have impacted other areas.

I know it adds to my toolbag of techniques to present findings to clients. I hope it did for you too.

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