A full Data Strategy is an intensive project that requires many stakeholders. The benefits are clear: alignment and a clear roadmap.


But sometimes, we don't have the budget. We simply want to dive deep with an expert who can give us solution paths rather than thoroughly documented solutions. 


What are the key aspects to consider? Would it be worth producing a full Data Strategy? Is there a transition path from where we are to a new future that minimizes business impacts? Or, we think we know what to do already, but want to validate the approach, have a soundboard. We want to move forward with confidence.


The Analytics Whiteboard is the perfect answer to those questions. The structure is simple. The deliverable is high-level but in-depth and specific enough to have a lot of value. The price is a no-brainer.


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Pick one or two of the following Data Strategy areas

  • Stakeholder outcomes discovery & Business Case Formulation

  • Data Architecture

  • Organizational Structure

  • Data Governance

  • Infrastructure & Tooling

  • Program Planning and Delivery


  • USD 4,000 in the United States

  • CND 5,000 in Canada

Included in the offer

  • One senior strategic advisor

  • Two days on-premises at your site

  • A 10-15 page Powerpoint which includes 3-5 key recommendations


  • Travel expenses are over and above, normally about CND 2,000 in Canada or USD 2,000 in the United States

  • The client will make available the key individuals required to carry out the exercise as this is a collaborative workshop


The Consultant


It's all about the people. Marc-Eric LaRocque is a strategic senior advisor and an alumnus of The Eckerson Group. He is capable of working strategically with clients to establish a vision and a roadmap or their enterprise data governance framework, and also tactically, like in choosing the right architecture and tools to stream specific data sets in a hybrid setting that will work for self-serve analytics, data science and production machine-learning. For this type of short and high-value intervention, Marc-Eric is uniquely qualified.

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An accomplished technology leader, skilled at organizing change in any or all areas under the responsibility of the "Chief Data Officer." I focus on how to integrate and apply analytics and data science into business processes at the optimal point of impact to maximize value, with descriptive, prescriptive, or predictive analytics.

As a long-time consultant, I have learned how to frame and break down business problems in pieces that can be solved - I have become an expert at structuring problems. I have also become very good at stakeholder engagement because that is how you survive and thrive in consulting. I derive my motivation when using my in-depth knowledge of data & analytics to work with executives in making data have a tangible impact in business and on financial results.

I have an academic background in mathematics, computer science, and business. I also have marketing, customer, and product integration experience, and have been exposed to a range of industries. I am naturally inclined to lead and share my knowledge and have led many data projects successfully.

Because of this experience, I am quick to see inefficiency and conceptualize new solutions and enjoy developing long-range plans to accomplish a vision. I provide strong leadership to help organizations leverage data for business advantage.

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